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We’re just a group of people determined to make a difference exploring creative activities that guide us to more healthy & sustainable lifestyles 

Alistair Gould

Projects & Enterprises

Alistair is a Social Entrepreneur working in the field of low carbon design, project co-ordination and communications. He specialises in developing collaborative professional partnerships in delivering `cradle-to-cradle’ sustainable projects that provide balanced client and community benefit. He has held a variety of executive and non executive Directorships of public and private sector companies in the property, construction and cleantech sectors. Since 1998 he has been in particular has committed to partnered research within the health and sustainability sectors . Alongside Alistair’s qualifications as a Chartered Surveyor and Chartered Environmentalist is his experience and passion in the field of Permaculture, which is a primary area of his continuing professional development.

Alistair is co-founder of the Helionix Group and the Carbon Free Group.

Dave Jones

Outdoor Education & Innovation

Dave has over 40 years experience in delivering and implementing a wide range of outdoor activities and design approaches. His varied roles include Tutor, Outdoor Animator, Survival Skills trainer, Woodsman and Experienced Permaculture Design coordinator.  

Diane Gould

Brewing, Equestrian & Community events

The Costermongers worked hard and played hard – always ready for a sing song and a good old knees up in the local battle cruiser (boozer)

There was great comraderie especially the service the Costers gave to the local community; be it fruit and veg or a listening ear, the sharing of stories good and not so good – all this created a bond and trust that was built up around the market and surrounding community.

Mum and Dad met hopping down in Kent and our annual holiday was always hopping – six weeks of carefree wonderful adventurous times in the lovely Kent countryside. We could fish, climb trees, make camps, explore and any other activity that a child could dream up in the great outdoors.

Hannah Sindall

Architect & Landscape Designer

Hannah’s professional areas include Architecture, Landscape Design and Horticulture.  Having qualified as an Architect her passion for gardens and the natural landscape in general has resulted in her past and present project portfolio including landscape and horticultural design alongside conventional building designs.  Her combination of skills and passions provides the ideal base for the design team’s approaches to nature-inspired architecture.

Richard Reading

Planting, Landscaping & Food Growing

Kristian Bird

Architectural Designer & Building Materials Researcher

Having lived abroad for most of his childhood, Kristian only returned to England in 2003 where he was exposed to the issue of ‘sustainability’. Through his undergraduate architectural career his design projects focused on community buildings and their relationships to natural systems and networks.

Through a background in the adventure sports industry, Kristian has developed a keen interest in the wild outdoors. Alongside an education in sustainable architecture, he has managed to marry these two interests at Helionix Designs, in developing materials and designs for healthier places.

Kristian joined the team in 2014 on an internship placement as part of the ongoing research programme in ultra low impact construction. His current work includes leading the various architectural materials research projects within the group.

Claire Ellison

IT geek

Simon Dole

Fishery Bailiff & Woodsman

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